• Fire Retardant Coatings

    Application of Fire Retardant Coatings/paint to give fire ratings of 30 mins /1 hour /2 hours on steel,wood,cables etc
  • Tank lining

    Blue Seal Tank Lining for aggressive chemical resistance at high temperatures & Abrasion resistances ,
  • Furnace Maintenance

    Cooling Ring Installation , Steel Pipe installations , Extensive Welding and Fitting
  • Fabrication ,Blasting & Spraypainting

    Mine Processing Plant Maintenance of steel structures
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The ENGINEERING  DIVISION deals with plant mechanical and electrical needs & maintenance issues that include structural steel,piping systems and miscellaneous fabrication problems  

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Our PROTECTIVE COATINGS includes: Alkyds, Epoxies, Urethanes, Polyurea & Moisture-cure urethane protective coatings .These offer outstanding durability and extended service life to protect your investment for years to come! 

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Our FIRE RETARDANT COATINGS  protect Steel, Wood, IBR sheets, Thatch,Doors for 30 minutes,1 hour or 2 hours thus protecting expensive equipment,structures and saving  life .

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Sharpshell believes in "solution match" to LINING  problems hence it provides Polyurea, Epoxy , Polyurethane, Rubber & Ceramic  LININGS  to suit various operational environments .

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Sharpshell Photo Gallery 


Sharpshell has done various projects over the years and our ever changing photo gallery is testimony to projects carrier out .The projects done cover Fabrication,welding,Plant maintenance,filed service repairs,Pipe installations,blasting,painting and insulation of plant assets.

Engineering Solutions: Engineering Solutions In SA


Our goal is to provide integrated services as listed below for our customers and allow their operations to run smoothly and efficiently. 

Fabrication & Welding Services

Sharpshell has craftsmen that offer Steel Structure Erection Maintenance & Modifications  of Hand Rails, Conveyors, Furnaces and processing plants


Through its extensive range of linings Sharpshell lines Water  Reservoirs, Slurry Tanks , Waste Water Tanks, Leaching Tanks ,Thickeners ,Hoppers, Shutes & Pipelines

Fire Retardant Coatings

For the Structural Engineer,Architect and owner of  Steel Beams ,Wood ,IBR sheets ,Electrical   Cables &  Communication Cables we have a range of fire retardant coatings that we apply by brush or spray .

Thermal Insulation

Sharpshell uses a revolutionary insulation coating to insulate Tanks ,Boilers &  Pipes

HDPE & Steel Pipes

We engage in New Installations , Repair & NDT of pipelines .

Corrosion protection

   Surface preparation is mainly done by Abrasive Blasting  before painting or spray painting starts


Sharpshell Products

Green- Flexible - Powerfull - Tough

Protective Coatings

  • Epoxies
  • Vinyl Esters
  • Fire Proof Coatings
  • Polyurethanes
  • Polyurea Coatings
  • Thermal Insulation Coatings

Fire Retardant Coatings

  • Steel Fire Protection paint
  • Wood Fire protection Paint
  • Thatch Fire Protection Paint
  • Door fire Protection Paint
  • Electrical Cable Fire Protection
  • Cementitios Fire Protection


  • Polyurea Linings 
  • Epoxy Linings
  • Rubber Linings
  • Ceramic Linings
  • Polyurethane Linings
  • Steel Plate Linings

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